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February 12, 2017

Great Experiences Are Shaping a Lasting Relationship

When you are creating a product or a service, you are probably not thinking about relationships. Not at first, at least. You are probably considering your ideas, working on your vision and – at best – you are thinking about what people need.

But the story doesn’t end with delivering what people need. If things we love would just deliver what we need, we wouldn’t end up loving them.

Of course, functionality is important. But it is not the only factor that drives our decision patterns. We live in a world that is in a steady flow, in conjunction with everything surrounding us, and we are bombarded with new product offerings every day.

On our journey through life, we want things that support our intentions. We don’t want things that get in the way. We want them to be intelligently designed, to match our expectations, or better—even exceed our expectations. Most importantly, we want to trust these things, because we are letting them in into our lives.

Human expectations

Our expectations in products and services are just the same as what we would expect from everyone else around us: to be nice, fair, helpful. To be with me, not against me. To help me trust them, as they are trusting me. If we meet these qualities in people, we tend to trust them and there is room for a relationship, even friendship is possible.

As a company that makes a product or offers a service, you can make that difference. You can design the experience. Everything we encounter in life is an experience, and experiences can be designed.

This is what we are all about. We want to improve what you are making, so that the people who pick up your product, people who are interested in using your service, won’t be disappointed. In fact, we want those people to be elated that they found what they always wanted.

And we want them to feel that with your service or product, when they are entering this relationship, they can rely on having great experiences, because they know you care about that too.

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