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We build brands with values. We establish trust between humans and companies. We build products with the humans they are made for. We think, we strategise, create, develop and test. Then we do it all over again, until we are getting it right.

For the P5 technology introduction by the Durst Group, in Bressanone, Italy, we developed a product strategy including brand positioning, experience design, naming, marketing, video, as well as a streamlined brand- and identity overhaul.

Product Strategy

How do you know if your product will be successful? How do you estimate if your service strategy works? Would you want to risk your funds and resources based on a gut feeling?

Coming from the core of the product, the essence of what makes it work, we research the behaviour patterns of people who are using similar products and services.

We then analyse our findings and develop strategy lanes for your product or service. Decisions we make as a team should be flexible enough to take new direction based on incoming intelligence about people’s behaviour.

Product Idea Evaluation

Consulting for product ideas, product concepts, analysing market needs and determining the market fit.

Behaviour Research

Researching customer behaviour through focus groups, workshops and embedded observation.

Product Positioning

Using research results to position products, or reposition products and services, in their respective markets.

Experience Strategy

Developing strategic goals and setting the direction for experiences at touchpoints of the entire experience chain.

For Posso in Zurich, we did competitor and customer research, developed a unique name and brand values. These values were the foundation for an identity design, as well as a content concept for all media. The company is now working with us on a web shop, which will be tied in with online community features.

The base for a brand is authenticity, the nature of a product or service. It feeds the source of the brand strategy.

The brand is the voice of the experience.  It supports the connection between customers and the products and services they use.

We develop tool sets with brand values and identity design that serve best your product- and experience strategy.

Brand & Identity

Brand Positioning

Market research and evaluation of customer behaviour patterns, personas, analysing trends and demographics.

Brand Asset Evaluation

Evaluating the existing brand equity, creating concepts to elevate on assets or develop a new brand strategy.

Brand Values

Running workshops to define brand values that express the nature of the product or company.

Identity Design

Development of visual and audible language systems for  brands, including product packaging and presentation.

To define your core values, we analyse the market and look at how the brand is perceived.
We work out market positioning,  unique brand values and a mission statement.
Product and brand values are at the core, they are the foundation for great Identity Design.
Based on the brand guide, we develop a unique Identity Design.
The ID includes a logo, typography, photo language, colours and applied examples.

For Mad Island Sports in Sydney, we developed the experience and the User Interface for a swim coaching app on iPad.

Experience Design

The experience of a product or service is decisive for its success. How people feel about using a service and product, is not only crucial, it will determine its reason for existence.

Designing the experiences is perhaps the most important part of creating a product or service.

Improved quality of these experiences leads to a sustained connection between customers and products – the product/customer relationship – people who love the product or service will return, again and again.

Customer Experience

Consulting, including behaviour research and using analytics data, to create strategies to improve the customer/service relationship.

User Experience

Experience research, user group research, and development of UX Design concepts including user journeys and user intent-driven tasks.

User Interface

Development of the UI for apps and websites, including visual, audible or conversational user interfaces.

Service Design

Improving the experience across all touchpoints of the experience chain.

For Gofar in Sydney, an automotive startup, we researched user behaviour, analysed the market and competitors, developed a full-featured UX Design concept and the UI for the Gofar app. Additionally, we created the branding and the packaging print design for the Gofar Ray product.

If product strategy, experience design and the brand voice are shaping a coherent and authentic experience chain, your product is poised for success in its market.

We see marketing as a conversation between all stakeholders, which gives the current between brand, experience and people a direction, helping strengthen the customer/product relationship.

Marketing elevates the product or service experience. It works best if it accurately reflects the authentic nature of the product, promoting its qualities and not by creating superficial hype.

Market Fit


Inbound marketing, influencer campaigns, nurturing the interest by potential clients.


SEM, Blogging, Video, SEO, development of traffic-increasing topics.


Strategic marketing goals, conversion optimization, SEO.


Involving customers, building on community, Facebook pages, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter.