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Humans mean everything to us. We are strategic thinkers, business innovators and experience designers. We think in systems, not campaigns. We are all about relationships between people and the things they love in their lives.

Designing it all.

What differentiates us from most digital agencies, many development companies and virtually all #marketers, is that we don’t just work on one part of the chain.

We are looking at the big picture and combine everything we learn from all stakeholders, customers and users. Everything is designed to build a sustainable #relationship between products, services and people.

Some begin their work with coming up with product features. Others begin with the marketing strategy, trying to #position the product idea in an existing market.

We begin with #people. We ask ourselves what it is that people really want when they are interested in a particular product or service. We figure out the desired experience – an experience that meets  best the user- and customer needs.

Humans come first.

We live what we love.

What we do – working with people’s wishes, dreams and hopes, making sure the #products and #services they love using are not just good, but excellent – is pretty fulfilling for us.

We don’t compromise in our promise to focus on people before everything else. Features of products and services serve people, not the other way around. This idea keeps us going and it is a source of endless inspiration.

Henning von Vogelsang
Expert in Experience Design, Brand, Product and Strategy

Linda Hengen
Expert in Marketing Strategy and -Implementation


Core is located in Liechtenstein, in the heart of Europe. Major cities in Europe are only two hours away. We also travel to the UK, the U.S., Canada and Australia to work with you on site.


Core has a second office in Sydney, New South Wales, in Australia. We can set up meetings in Sydney and we are covering the Australian and Asian markets.

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